CVIP Inspections

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) refers to a mandatory safety inspection program and is not a replacement for the ongoing preventive maintenance carried out by vehicle owners. An annual CVIP Inspection is required for any vehicle with a registered weight of 11,794 kg or greater when operating within Alberta or 4500 kg or greater when operating outside Alberta.

If the CVIP expires, current Alberta Legislation allows the vehicle to return to a facility to obtain the inspection. The vehicle cannot stop anywhere along the way, as they must drive directly to the inspection facility.

We are licensed to inspect the following:

Upon inspection, we will provide you with an estimate of all repairs necessary before any work begins. Once the repairs have been made, we complete the required paper work and attach an inspection date decal to your unit.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that CVIPs must be completed annually for tractors, light trucks, trailers. School buses, motor coach's, commercial buses are inspected semi annually.

For more information on CVIPs and Alberta Transportation Regulations, please click on the link below.

Alberta Transportation web site